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A little bit of history.

This product came to be out of adversity when the only medical option available was the insertion of antibiotic beads into my horse’s sinus cavity to try and curb continual sinus infections, and I knew in my heart that there had to be something in God’s creation that would work. My educational background, training and experience include chemistry, toxicology, biology, epidemiology and chemical assessment proved very beneficial when researching alternative medicines when antibiotics were proving ineffective. He also suffered from Cushing’s, Insulin Resistance, Lyme disease and hay allergies to further complicating the situation.


Much time was spent researching the internet for alternative therapies. Read a lot of patents and research papers. Found that colloidal silver was used prior to the advent of penicillin to treat infection, so began treating my horse with colloidal silver. Within two days of treatment with the colloidal silver, the infectious odor was diminished. When I brought Irish to Tufts University of Veterinary Medicine for testing, I was able to get them to agree to flush my horse’s sinus with the colloidal silver. It is important to get the colloidal silver in contact with the virus. Ultimately, he needed to have surgery to open the sinus cavity and remove hay and mucous. After the surgeries, he still had drainage from the sinus, so further research led me to Oil of Oregano and Apple Cider Vinegar. The final formulation of the ImmunoBiotic was found. It completely cleared up the discharge, and my horse lived a productive and infection-free life up until he passed in 2012.

Remedies for People, Horses and Dogs

Remedies for People, Horses and Dogs.


Each of the ingredients in the ImmunoBiotic and First Aid Spray has its own beneficial properties, but I found that this combination truly provided the most potent product. We use only the highest quality ingredients, as imitation or poor-quality ingredients will be ineffective or hazardous to your health. The ingredients have Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Inflammatory properties that have been shown to aid in the treatment of respiratory ailments, colds, allergies, joint pain, ulcers, digestive disorders, Lyme disease, burns, insect bites and a host of other ailments. Since inception, the ImmunoBiotic and First Aid Spray have been extremely effective in treating previous disorders.

ImmunoBiotics for Everyone

Unlike most drugs that are weight dependent, the ImmunoBiotic dosage for the horse was based on recommended dosages of the ingredients for humans. The effects appear to work on the cellular level helping the body do what the body needs to do to deal with exposure to bacteria, viruses, molds, yeast and fungus.

You Will Not Turn Blue

Final comment is YOU WON’T TURN BLUE from ingestion of colloidal silver in the ImmunoBiotic. The concentration of colloidal silver in the ImmunoBiotic and First Aid Spray is in the very low part per million range and is purchased from a vendor with good quality control. If you search the Internet, you are likely to come across the story of a mentally disturbed man who drank a gallon of colloidal silver every day that he made himself. The issue was impure colloidal silver and large daily dosage that caused his skin to turn blue. Rest assured that Olde World Farmacy has done its work to provide only the best quality product to support your health.

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